I need advice on how to go forward with a divorce

It looks like I a probably will be divorcing my wife, sadly to say.

Is there someone out there that might know what to expect? I live in a smalleer town and don’t see many expats here.

Thank you.

[quote=“WhiteHawk”]I am probably going to be getting a divorce and I have as everyone, a unique set of circumstances. Is there an Admin or member that might offer some advice?

I am feeling a bit … uh… alone.

One consolation was a very frank and unique books

“Women’s Infidelity LIVING IN LIMBO” What women really mean when they say, “I’m not happy.” by Michelle Langley.

True eye opener every guy and woman should read.[/quote]

Well, one piece of advice would be to think carefully about your visa status. Is your wife an ROC citizen? Does your visa depend on this?

Submitted final piece of paperwork Friday.

I am sorry to hear that things have ended this way, although not surprised given what you said in your previous posts. Have you agreed with her about child custody arrangements ? I can’t stress enough how important it is for you to agree on at least joint custody. If she does get full custody, either by agreement or via the courts, then it will be extremely easy for her to deny you access (or use the children as a bargaining chip, for instance to extort money from you).