I need help choosing the last country on my European trip (time-sensitive)

I loved Iceland. Also the food. Yes, not cheap - but some very nice stuff.



Gay Paris
Parisians think paris is a country
They don’t like anyone else


Thanks to each and everyone of you who offered suggestions.

You should visit both Italy and Taiwan too see how different they are. Your answer is strange.
Its like saying Paris and Taipei are alike with the Arc de triomphe and Taipei’s North gate old arc gate or Hsinchu’s version. The only thing reminds me of Italy here is seeing a Vespas, nothing else.

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[oops posted in wrong thread… haha]

You don’t even understand my answer.

Your English is good but you don’t pick up on my Americanisms and cultural references.
@hannes can we close this thread? I’m going to Iceland.

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Good for you, I like the choice. Have a grand trip.

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I’ll probably go to Slovakia before Iceland. I’ve been to Czechia and Poland already {both great}.


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Wtf? They are nothing like Taiwan. NOTHING

Italy is the best country to visit. Spain is really good too. But Italy wins.

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OK, so maybe someone else explain why it is Americanisms to think Italy and Spain is like Taiwan since I can not understand it.

Austria is amazing. In terms of architecture, beauty, and culture, I prefer Vienna over Paris.

Do Vespas run over people on the sidewalk too? Culture!

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Spain, Italy, and Taiwan are all countries I want to visit but not now.

There is overlap in some way between any two countries in the world.

Italy is similar to industrial structure to Taiwan. Its firm size, like Taiwan, is relatively small, and machine tools are a sizeable proportion of the economy.

To answer your question there are on sidewalks too in Italy, though Taiwanese are not as fashionable as Italians. (and renting a scooter in Italy is more expensive from my experience but maybe locals pay less)

Italian Vespa riders turn city streets into a fashion show on wheels. … buzzing bikes dart with abandon through Italy’s streets (and often sidewalks).Swatting Wasps in Florence by Rick Steves