I need musicians to play with

My really old, embarrassing music. I’m a guitar player who can pretend to play bass, keys or mandolin. I love all styles as long as they’re awesome. Anyone around? Interested? Let me know.

Yo. I play. All I have is a bass here. I sing, play geetar, drums, make beats whatever… I’m in Wuqi right now though, kinda sucks.

Sounds like you know your way around a board/workstation too. I only have a guitar/bass and a crackly pignose for amplification. I do have a small mixer and a couple mics.
Where exactly is Wuqi? I’m not familiar.

It’s outside of Taichung. I should be moving there soon, maybe we could get something happening. I miss playing. I wonder how many people in Taiwan would enjoy some real.rock music?

I’d like to try it out, as I really miss playing with others too, but I’m in Taoyuan. That’s a pretty heavy commute for some jamming. Or am I misunderstanding?