I need questions

There used to be a cult TV game show for teens in the UK that a colleague of mine has had some success with in high school here. It was call Blockbusters, and was hosted by a rather strange man named Bob Holness.

One individual played against a team of two (hi vs lo ability?) and it worked like this:

The ‘board’ was a 4x5 grid of letters. Each letter appeared only once, and the teams would select letters from the board - “I’ll have a P please Bob.” Oh how I laughed! - and Bob would then ask “what’s the word” questions.

eg ‘What T is a bloated republican windbag?’

First to the buzzer could answer. Get the answer right and you got points, changed the colour of that square on the board, and were allowed to choose the next letter. Link from one side to the other with your colour and you won extra prizes.

It’s a surprisingly addictive vocabulary game, if the level of the questions is right for the students. I’d like to put together my own version and was wondering if anyone has any ideas on where to get suitable questions?


No no no… you have to say “I want a P please Bob”

A couple of years ago it was on BBC2, with grown ups, and without Bob ! Needless to say it was a resounding failure.