I need some dating advice

What? And you’re paying for all the meals? Omg, run.


I’m guessing you’re not married :smile:


Just talk nice and have fun relax and plan for a meet up somewhere. Make it special with some good opportunities for fun.

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Life Pro Tip: wanna be more romantic while paying 50%? Take turns paying. Feels less like a transaction cause you’re both ‘doing something for the other’


I don’t mind paying for everything, as long as she plays her gender role of cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, and satisfying my every desire in bed. Otherwise, no thanks.

Gender roles goes both ways. Can’t expect you to be the provider of everything but not play her roles. Relationships have give and takes. Nothing wrong with a relationship with the man provides everything, but what does she do?


Tru dat. Or possibly “satisfying my every desire in bed” could be enough.


I would just pay a professional for that. At least there won’t be any complaining and nagging in that relationship.


Oh complaining and nagging is also possible when you pay. That doesn’t necessarily exclude the bullshit.

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I think you can get one of those really high end ones. I was talking to a really wealthy lawyer at a party once. He was probably in his late 50s, not married and doesn’t want to get married. He gets high end ones for dates to events and supposedly a lot of the women who do that are really well educated and have masters and beyond, speak multiple languages, schooled in upper class manners, and are just extremely cultured and know how to converse and listen to anyone.

Didn’t sound like a bad choice when you have that kind of money and don’t want all the negatives of having a wife/girlfriend.

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Eventually they all will turn to complaining and that’s when they get cut loose.

In Taiwan, another option, is 小三 who understand and appreciate their place and tend to be pretty good at avoiding the complaining trap and getting cut loose.

But alas we have diverged from the topic of this conversation and none of this is helpful dating advice for the OP. I still not sure how to break something like this into a separate topic.

Depends. When life goes awry when you’re on the st8 path and you need someone in that moment who’s “ride or die”.


That sounds unwise to spend much time on. If your gut is telling you its a one way street it is. Its fine for you to pay everything for now but if shes not at least hiniting at coming to see you or giving back in some fashion thatll just be a waste of your time; money, and energy. Let her show you shes interested and take initiative a bit…

Its not a culture thing its just this particular person’s mindset…


Hmmm, I’ve heard a lot of rumors about the small 3 but does anyone have any experience?
I mean, they demand an apartment, allowance, and luxury vehicle from what I’ve heard. Do Forumosams really pull in this type of cash?

There are all levels to meet the demand. Upscale, low scale, Forumosa scale. Some require little more than attention, some require the works.

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Yep it’s a thing in Taiwan, negative style communication. One could just call it SHIT communication style.

But she seems hard work and the financial thing is going to be a drag. Test if she will be flexible or make an effort . If not move on. There are already a bunch of warning flags there.


She will be all good and willing until you are married then Sex could become the last of 100 things she would rather do


And you won’t. Ever. With her. Before marriage. Because as you said she’s religious.

Because she doesn’t want to stay with you at your place. Because she doesn’t want to hook up with you. Because she’s religious.

Get over it.

And you’ll be paying for a one-day round-trip ticket for her, if she has that much time she can give. She’s living with her grandfather which may mean she is helping to take care of him and can’t afford to be away for too long.


“You look chubby. I don’t like your beard.”

You’ve got a few reasonable options here in terms of response.

a) “That’s not a very nice thing to say. I’m happy with my body and my beard. Why do you think it’s okay to criticize my appearance?”

b) “I don’t like how you don’t make any effort in this relationship. And you aren’t in tip-top shape, either.”

c) “Oh yeah? Go fuck yourself.”

Stand up for yourself, dude. Don’t let her walk all over you like this.


I think I know which one @Hanna prefers. :grin: