I need some pics of Taiwan animals in cages

I’m trying to make a “moving” video with regards to the treatment of animals in Taiwan. I’m looking for pictures of animals in cages. Simple as that. and any cruelty pics would be good also…as long as there of animals in Taiwan. Thanks.

For starters, you can probably use Google Images, and search for “caged dog”.

A couple of weekends ago in Songshan Dist., on the stretch of Minsheng E Rd with all the fish stores, right beside the bridge to Neihu, there was a row of small cages with near comatose dogs panting in the intense heat on the sidewalk outside a pet store. I went inside and told the shopkeeper all of their water bowls were completely empty and was pleased that she went out and filled them, at least prolonging their misery by a day. I’ll try to remember to head down there next weekend with my camera for you.

Here you go! :smiley:

Can we e-mail the pics to you? Or private you? I still don’t know how to attach a photo to this forum.

Many of us use www.imageshack.us …once you register it keeps you logged on…I have hundreds of individual pics on there and it gives you handy “codes” to use so you can show the whole pic or a clickable thumbnail.

Dont’ want to put you out…but if you are in the area.