I need some website programming doing

I’ve dropped the ball on a project, and need - urgently - to get it back on track. But I don’t have the time or necessary skills. I should have taken care of this months ago. My bad.

Here’s the deal: I can get mobile phone service (NOT the phones themselves) quite cheaply on open-ended contracts, and can then allow other people to use my accounts and charge them a mark-up. It works out cheaper for users than the IF card option, and I don’t need customers to have an ARC. So my target market is newbie teachers as they arrive in Taiwan.

I need a functioning website for two purposes.

  1. URGENT: to promote the service effectively.
  2. not-quite-as-urgent-but-still-necessary-soon: to streamline the admin by doing as much as possible online. See below.

I want new customers to be able to register online. The notification has to come directly to my designated admin person, who will order a SIM card. The registration must also generate a hard copy of the contract for the customer to sign and forward with proof that they have paid their deposit so that I can send/activate their SIM card.

I have online access to each account details and can turn SIMs on/off, but I can’t generate bills directly from that service. I have to cut and paste the number of phone minutes, text messages, etc., into my own accounting system to calculate who owes what. (Hopefully, one day, there will be enough customers that I can insist upon doing all this automatically.)

I can set something up using Excel or similar, and then paste the results into an email to send the customer his/her bill. But it would be nicer to have something online instead - the admin pastes in the usage info and the system automatically calculates the bill and notifies the customer. Online billing info would be good so that customers can get in and check for themselves too.

It sounds like a big job, and may be too much to get up and running in the near-term, but I do need to get this underway. And - sigh - I know it’s going to cost me money.

If this is your thing then please do email to adminYOURPANTS@TaiwanCell.net (taking care to remove YOURPANTS first) and/or discuss here.