I need someone who can help me with Internet connection via router Tenda

Hi everyone!
I recently bought router, to get Internet access to both our computers, and it appeared to be a bit tricky. I can’t find firm to help with such question (obviously cause my still too limited Chinese). Maybe someone have some favorites in this sphere? (or just e-mail, phone number or website to address)
Thanks for attention :slight_smile:

Let me help you begin.
Go to Google. Google the name and model number of your router long with the words: English Manual PDF.

If you are any good at searching… you will find it. Having the manual in hand will at least make you feel more confident.

Here is an overview of what you will have to do. You would connect everything. Then you would go to your browser and type a special ip number that would bring up the set up menu of your particular router.

From there, you would input you ISP (Internet Service Provider’s) name and password. From then on, it will be your router that will log into your internet service every time it is powered up and your other computers hooked up to your router whether by cable or wireless, will just connect to the internet automatically with out logging in.

That is unless you want to create a secure connection between your computers and your router. Those ip number are sort of standard so if you can’t find your manual, I’m sure many other people here can provide them for you.

First of all, you should have NEVER bought a Tenda router!
I’m just kidding, found this on youtube. MIght be of some help: youtube.com/watch?v=CfXK6hma_UM
you can PM me, if you need further assistance.

jshuttlesworth [quote] you should have NEVER bought a Tenda router! [/quote] I can’t argue with that :fume: thanks for video :slight_smile: …
unfortunately all this (IP etc) I’ve already done, without an affect… So, cause my time is limited, I’m looking for some kind of professional help. Or will try once again on the weekend
There is an additional side of a problem - my Internet access demands a password. And If I successfully connect to router - it wouldn’t login as it should. Or connection will login, but will not access the router :frowning: