I need to be sedated

I guess it’s been almost a year now since I’ve fallen in love love love with sleeping pills. Why toss and turn, itch and sweat when you can pop one of these little lovelies and within 20 minutes you are off and snoring? Is this dangerous?

What are the long term affects I can expect?



the risk is addiction. ie, you will soon find it impossible to sleep without the pills. whether the addiction is psychological or physical is a moot point.

benzodiazepines are a good example. when they were first introduced in the 60s they completely replaced previous alternatives the barbiturates, and were thought to be wonderful, until countless thousands of housewives etc found their lives screwed to apoint where they could not function without them… mama’s little helper in the stones song (unless you go for the idea that it was a dildo).

more recent innovations have no less of an addiction potential. and some have been downroght dangerous, prompting frank hallucinations, increasing nighttime activities tending later to sleepwalking (including driving, shooting, cooking, eating, stock trading…almost the whole gamut of mania normally only seen in serious bipolar disorder or schizophrenia).

best to find some other way to get to sleep. alcoholism helps some people, getting stoned helps others! (not that i’m recommending it).

considered an air conditioner?

Insominia’s not that bad. The worst thing about it for me is that I get a little spacey sometimes, which makes me socially retarded/unprofessional.

If I can get 6 a night, I’m fine. A lot more makes me depressed.

and trying to quit after long-term use can, I believe, be quite dangerous, akin to a long-term alcoholic trying to go cold turkey.

[quote] What kinds of withdrawal symptoms?

       Side-effects experienced when ceasing taking prescription sleeping pills can be:
      o Continued Dizziness
      o Trouble Sleeping (which can continue for several nights)
      o Urge to Keep Taking the Drug
      o Irritability
      o Nervousness
      o Cramps, Nausea, or Vomiting
      o Tremors or Twitching
      o Hallucinations

     T[b]hese symptoms are especially likely if the medicine has been taken for a prolonged period of time (i.e. longer than one week).[/b] In this situation it would be advisable to taper off gradually, since stopping abruptly is likely to result in more severe withdrawal symptoms.


read more here

I guess it’s time to think about quitting if people are starting to call you Sue Ellen.
People are saying the withdrawal symptoms can be dangerous. But what if you just continue using them?

Went in to top up my stash yesterday and took the opportunity to question the pill guy. He is giving me something called Zolpi.

I also asked him about long term effects and he told me to not think so much. For good measure he told me I was thinking like a girl.

I think I am starting to understand Taiwanese culture.

Much healthier to have a glass of red wine an hour before bedtime. It will relax you, and as the alcohol starts to wear off, you’ll feel sleepy. Then crawl into bed and read a calculus book. You’ll be asleep in no time.

hot milk is even better than red wine

Except that red wine is good for you in other ways too. And some don’t find milk palatable. :idunno: