I need to Find a flamenco guitar teacher

Hello there, I´m inlove with the flamenco guitar :wink: , and arabian gypsy feeling. and I´m a beginner
I sing and play the guitar, but I need to find a teacher, also I´m a student so, I cant pay much .

Where can I find someone to teach me?
Please guys help me :pray:

Wow !! there is no reply for this!!

Irishstu can probably make one for you.


Good luck finding a teacher. I am haivng trouble finding a good guitar teacher here in taichung because the way taiwanese people teach here is very weird. You either learn acoustic or electric and electric cost $400NT more than the acoustic because of the electricity fee. Also, some of the techniq can only be done on acoustic or electric so the style has to be taught separate with a different teacher. I think taiwanese people need to get over themselves and just enjoy the music.

Yep !! it seems like its going to be hard to find someone to teach me!
I rather take time with my methods … its boring that way though.

I´m wonder if I will be able to find someone to jam, metal or flamenco …

geez, time will tell

By the way, this is me playing an improvisation on a Tango Flamenco… or sort of


I know I´m not a virtuoso but, thats why I need lessons

I would, but i need a new guitar amp…