I need to hire a Bubble Tea barista

to teach me the art of the Bubble Tea.

Hey Guys!

I need a little help. I’ll be in Taiwan next month for four weeks. I want to hire some one to teach me to make maybe 10 or so popular bubble teas. I have a teashop back home here in the US and would like to offer them there.

My wife is Taiwanese, I speak Chinese pretty well… but I’m having a hard time finding someone who can teach me. There are some classes available but none I can find offered when I’m there.

I’d LOVE to hire a barista by the hour OR I’d like to work for free for a few days in a teastand so I could shadow people.

Any ideas??? Thanks in advance.

If it were me, I’d go to every single bubble tea stand I run into and ask if I can watch while they make stuff. You’d probably do better at like mom-and-pop stores (which are relatively few in Taipei) than at big chains.

talk to a manager of a Coco or ‘50 lan’ or whatever and ask if you can work a couple of shifts for free.

You can also find plenty of information on Youtube.

Not sure what skill you need to make bubble tea… take a cup already filled with the required amount of bubble (or scoop bubble into cup), add milk tea, and seal. That’s all you see anyways. As for how to cook the bubbles, just look it up online.

and now OP you are qualified to serve bubble tea! what a waste of a trip!