I need your help - URGENTLY!

My PC … it’s sick … I need someone to help me fix it please. Are you willing to help 'an ignorant know nuffin ‘bout PC person’ ??

In the last few weeks it started to just switch off … by itself … and then boot up again. This followed by a drive scan (for consistency I believe) … after that there would always be a “found” file on the HD (with some info in I guess) …

Bought Norton Antivirus Pro 2002 and got that going to scan for bad omans … clean and healthy …

Now the other day the thing just switched off and just doesn’t wanna switch on again. I checked the power … not that coz the monitor works (power source is from the tower) … So … wanna help me ?

I guess I want to increase the memory too and get me a bigger HD (20/40GB … dunno) … so I need help please. I don’t speak chinese and have tried my way with chinese people who doesn’t understand me or know how to tell me what to do …

If you are willing then please contact me via mail --> zznarff@yahoo.com

It sounds viral to me. Please tell us whereabouts you live - then some geek who lives near you may go round and try to help you out. In the meantime, try this:

Only joking!

The latest problem could be due to your power supply being burned out. The lead from your computer tower to the monitor is connected directly to the mains and doesn’t pass through the transformer, so the monitor would still work. The same thing happened to a computer in our office.

Sound as if your hard drive has bitten the dust. When it did the drive scan, was it finding bad sectors? Or…When you say it won’t turn on again, do you mean won’t boot up, or won’t turn on at all, as in completely dead, no lights whatever? If so the power switch may be on the blink. I had one before where the spring would stick on the button, after a while it would release and reset the PC, causing the drive scan because windows didn’t shut down properly.


It’s being attended to on the weekend.