I not stupid: Bluetooth USB Dongle

Ok, maybe I is. I like to think I’m a proficient end user. I can read and follow directions and can poke around a little. But it’s tough enough when the computer speaks Engrish (My OS is in Engrish, the device driver is not).

I just bought a Bluetooth USB dongle so I can sync my phone without adding another arm to the multipus. The driver disc (in F#@in Chinese) seemed to install, and my computer seemed to recognize the device which has a nice little blue light. But when I try to click on the icon (in the control panel and in My Computer) an error message (in F%&in Chinese) appears and when I search with my phone it comes up empty.

Is this a case of user error, or is something screwed up? Here is a screen shot of the error message: http://www.esnips.com/web/dumasasksWTF/. I’m probably going to take the damn thing back but that’s almost as much trouble as working out the solution. :wall:

It says: “The attractive young lady on the desktop cannot be seen. Please close the open windows and repost the image.”

Er, it says that your BT device cannot be found, please check the power and so on. Do you really need drivers for a BT serial port on Windows XP? What happens if you plug the thing in without the drivers and just sync your phone over the serial ports by setting the BT port to serial port 9 or whatever?

I checked with HAL 9000 and he said:

Special thanks to LL who translated the error message:

This lead me to believe my computer was jealous of my fiance (and no I’m not following that instruction). This is strange as I typically spend more time with my computer than her. If my computer were jealous of beer I would understand.

As it turns out the piece of shite was actually defective, either the device or the software, and I now have a different and functional unit. So HAL may have been right, but he was referring to human error over in Mainland China. I knew the original product was extra dodgey when their website was shut down.

I use the bluetooth USB dongle without problem. I transfer the photos, mp3s, etc. Since you see that nice blue icon on your desktop bar, your software was installed properly. Make sure your USB port works, check your phone connectivity if the bluetooth option set ON. Does your phone detect your computer ?

I have a bluetooth dongle for the desktop… rarely a problem, though it does muck up occasionally - but I think that’s my fault for some reason…

It’s a clearish, yellow piece that I bought at a Nokia shop…

The software that came with it is called BlueSoleil or something… maybe just Soleil… easy to use… and it’s in English (I think - haven’t used it in a while)

The software is in English. This came with my 2nd dongle. So far I have transfered files from phone to computer, but that’s it, so I can’t say one way or the other whether it’s easy to use.