I phoned the CLA about the work permits, here is what they s


I phoned the CLA about the new work permits for certain foreigners just to check on my own application’s status, and the official told me that they have not made a decision there regarding whether they will issue a one year or unlimited work permit forapplicants, which is why everyone’s application is in limbo … one to two weeks at the last until something is decided … anyone know anything else about this? Granted, my Chinese is not great, so I might have missed something!


I got a 2 year permit/Visa and ARC. My company applied for it and it all was done very quickly.
Note that my contract is 2 years, so that’s why I have been given 2 years for the documents, too.
Of course the ARC can be withdrawn and the visa/re-entry permit becomes void then.


Yes, but the work permit I am talking about is for you to hold, not your company. The official actually told me that, if a company applied for me or I did so on behalf of the company I was going to work for, it would be no problem, but since I am going for the other work permit, that’s why there is a hold up. Any other comments, esp. from you, Richard?


The situation where the company applies, and where you (usually) get a two year work permit, via the new Article 51 route, are now proceeding smoothly.

However, as to the issuance of the individual work permits, which are an open work permit for the ROC area, the final approval may take a few more days. Then they can begin sending those out.