I-Pod Fonts

Sorry if this is a stupid question…

Is it possible to change the font size in Notes on i-Pods? I can’t see how you would be able to, but if I’ve missed anything obvious…

I use ProVoc at home and I’d love to use the upload to i-Pod feature, but the fonts are so miniscule I get instant eye-pain. Also some Chinese characters are slightly distorted. I want to use it as a character review thing so I can stop carrying wads of index cards around (although I kind of like that…).

I searched the Apple site but didn’t find much. This may be due to eye damage, though.

This link is probably of limited use:
ipodhacks.com/modules.php?op … 79&forum=2

I’ll keep looking though.

OK. I’ve kept looking. It appears that you’re shit out of luck, unless you want to pay for some software.

Thanks, m’dear. I’d pretty much given up.

Index cards are so much cooler, anyway.