I really did drop my cellphone... and it got squashed! What can I do?

Bugger! I was riding my bike this morning when my cellphone slipped out of my pocket. It bounced along the road a few times… until it got squashed buy a car. Now it’s broken, although still in one piece.

Is there anywhere I can go to get it repaired? I’ve heard that there might be some small shops that can fix broken phones.


The Big Babou

What kind of phone is it?
Will it be worth it?
Sometimes the repairs cost as much as the phone.

Ask “the GF” to buy you a new one. :wink:

Don’t you mean “Tell the GF to buy you one”? :wink: :wink:

Don’t you mean “Tell the GF to buy you one”? :wink: :wink:[/quote]

Don’t you mean "Tell the GF to buy you one or she’ll be sleeping on the sofa. :wink: :wink: :wink:

A friend of mine has a problem with his Ericson phone. he brought it to the shop where he had bought it six months before and said… there is a problem with my phone… please fix it

The girl behind the counter looked at it and said water damage and she couldn’t as it was unrepairable … my friends told here it was not water damaged since he never got it wet

He came to the office and got one of the secretaries to phone up about it

Guess what?

The girl behind the counter did not want to fix it as they would have to pay for it as it was in warranty… she thought she could fob the foreigner off with some BS excuse

My friend went back there with his gorrila suit on and screamed at the girl and her manager who was trying to pass the same water story off to him
The phone was fixed in two days

Off topic a little but if this is the type of service you get… then I would have little hope they would try and repair your phone else they would rip you off doing it

The only thing worse than the pollution in Taipei is the customer service.