I sat next to someone that tested positive...now what?

I don’t have any symptoms. I sat next to her on Friday, it’s now Sunday. I feel pretty good. She didn’t have symptoms when I sat next to her, is it contagious if they have no symptoms? I haven’t caught up on the latest research.

I’m pissed, she joked about not doing the quarantine when she got to the UK from China and leaving her room. I feel like she wasn’t taking the precautions that are needed. This sucks.

We’re you both wearing masks? How close did you sit?

We were eating, so no masks. We sat outside, she was across to me but one person to the side so not directly across.

I think you should self isolate if you can.

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Can tests even pick it up now after 2 days? I’m not caught up on that information. I might pay it out of pocket if I can just to be sure.

Yes, it can be transmitted from asymptomatic people. Being outside lowers the risk. Lots of factors at work–best to self isolate and contact your doctor. A negative PCR test in the first few days after exposure would not tell you much.


As TroubleWithTribbles said, asymptomatic people can definitely transmit the disease. That’s what makes the Red China virus particularly pernicious.

Generally, incubation period is between 2-14 days, so, in other words, if you have it, you could start to test positive anywhere within that time period.

Good luck!

I’d be pissed too. She sounds like a real piece of work and has probably contributed to spread with her casual and (imo) selfish attitude. Self-isolate is the only responsible thing you can do now. At least you were outside, so that helps your chances a little. Good luck.


I’m livid right now, I do everything right and still this happens. I give Chinese people a chance and this is what I get.

I’m trying to not freak out, I know physically, I should be fine even if I get it. But it’s so stressful to isolate. My classes are really intense and I really enjoy my walks outside… :sob:

Your school will understand, I’m sure. I understand it’s stressful. Life throws many challenges our way and this is one you have to overcome. Anyway, you haven’t been diagnosed yet. Wait to find out results. Outside areas are really not ideal for virus dispersal. If I had to guess, I’d say you probably don’t have it, but you are at risk. If you’re really pissed at this woman, you could probably report her for breaking quarantine and putting others at risk.


No need to blame a whole group of people based on a single person.

Is this in the UK? If this person wasn’t in your household then you shouldn’t have been sitting eating together strictly speaking as per the UK guidelines. Transmission rate is really high in the UK so you aren’t alone and others will understand, just take it on the chin, self-isolate and move on. I’m sure you’ll be fine

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University is open. We can eat outside.

What percentage of this group of people believe they should come kill me to take my country? Fuck them. Typical irresponsible and selfish mentality of Chinese people.

No need to blame a whole group of people based on a single person :slight_smile:


It’s just the way I feel. I can’t help it, my experience with people from China are generally negative. I’m sure some are great people, but I don’t come across that many.


Try to stay calm. Anger or stress may make it worse.

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Not sure of UK, but a quick US CDC definition of close contact is,
“Someone who was within 6 feet of an infected person for a cumulative total of 15 minutes or more over a 24-hour period* starting from 2 days before illness onset (or, for asymptomatic patients, 2 days prior to test specimen collection) until the time the patient is isolated.”

And contact tracing guidelines

The, at best, nationalistic implications in a couple of the above posts is off-putting to me, so I am dropping out of this thread. This type of thought does not lead to good places. I hope no one has symptoms as a result of the exposure.


Go buy some Redoxin with the Vitamin D and zinc. Do as much of it as you can stomach.

That’s my totally amateur healthcare advice. Good luck.

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I take 5000iu of vitamin D a day already…mostly since I see the sun maybe once a week here. Also vitamin C 3x a day.

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I’ve also started to eat kimchi.

While there is some data to suggest probiotics may be beneficial against COVID-19, there are no published clinical studies examining the effect of kimchi.

Bousquet, as mentioned by the San Antonio Current, theorizes that the lower COVID-19 mortality exhibited by European countries could be because of a diet consisting of foods inhibiting the molecular entry point for COVID-19, angiotensin-converting enzyme, or ACE2.

“Foods with potent antioxidant or anti ACE activity – like uncooked or fermented cabbage – are largely consumed in low-death rate European countries, Korea and Taiwan, and might be considered in the low prevalence of deaths,” Bousquet writes.

In countries like Bulgaria, Greece, Romania and Turkey, while not comparable to other European countries in terms of health systems or death reporting, fermented foods may also impact the observed low death rates, he says.

You should be self isolating now. If you don’t you have no grounds to complain about her behaviour.

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