I saw Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds live last night!

It was brilliant. A tiny venue, about 50 people capacity, but only half-full. They started their first set with “Let Love In” and the rest was stuff from their upcoming new album. I grabbed a beer from the bar during the interlude. The second set started with “The Mercy Seat”, followed by “Deanna”, “St Huck”, “Red Right Hand”, “The Carny” and finished with “Stagger Lee”.
I was seriously blown away.
Afterwards, Nick was selling and signing copies of his new book at the door. I scratched around in my wallet, but only had enough for the taxi home.
He noticed, and said “No worries. Have one on me, mate”. handing me a copy.

Then I woke up.


Good story bro.


I went with some friends to see Nick Cave & Bad seeds at Town & Country club, Kentish town, London, we got so pisssed in pubs before the gig we almost forgot why we was there! got into Venue just as he was leaving the stage for the last time!

Was my favourite Venue, best gigs are Cramps and SLF when they did a comeback, maybe as we drank 18 pints each that night and still managed to catch train home.


That was quite a drinking session, kudos. I think the most I’ve ever gotten to was ten.

That’s still quite impressive. I can manage a whole bottle of Scotch, and just be a wee bit wobbly, but beer is my Achilles’ heel. Seven or eight and I’m swaying like a rabid dog.
And wine seriously fucks me up. A couple of bottles and the next day I feel like death warmed up in the Sahara desert.

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It’s nice you can feel better after heavy drinking.


Nick Cave played here once.
At Scum, of all places, IIRC.

Like…97, maybe???

While we’re on the subject, can we get a list of some gag Firstname Surname and the Adjective Nouns-type band names going?

Saw him at Hua Shan with the Dirty Three in 2006. Sadly, I don’t think he’s been back since.

I went to visit a cave once and yes, Nick was there.

That’s quite a challenge.

Joan Jett and the Blackhearts. Sort of.

Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band

How about “Harry Potter and the Third Gender”

Pish posh, I rocked keyboards for the Grateful Dead for the entire first set one night.

Wasn’t the opening act Dub McCablestack and the Homefried Absquatulators?

No way I could now was a lot younger, also is a kind of maybe?
9 friends all out together each says they bought 2 rounds, after 9 pints whos going to know?

Half bottle of scotch and I’m falling over.

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