I sort of hate the way Taiwanese do vegetarian food

I went out to eat at a restaurant with my taiwanese coworkers, and, as usual, I can’t order from the menu because there is nothing vegetarian. So, the waitress brings me my own special plate, and then the people sitting in front of me start whispering and then suddenly one of them grabs some food off my plate. I guess they thought it was not really vegetarian (I caught a few of the words they were whispering). why does vegetarian food have to simulate meat, some plain old fashion veggies (shock) would be fine for me. I am also tired of going to a buffet and finding nothing but salad.

there are a number of places in taoyuan where you can load up on veggies - the “grab-what-you-want-and-throw-it-in-a-box”. some of these are strictly veggie (i know there’s one on chen kung road). i’m not a veggie, but been out with friends who are, and there does seem to be stuff available.

don’t know about closer to gweishan though.

good luck on the hunt.

ya, thats the problem. most places are strictly veggie, whereas most of the people that i am around want to eat meat. Hence, lunchtime is very lonely :frowning:

On a more positive note, I think the vegetarian food here is great… at my favourite places that is. But if I drop into a random veggie place chances are it will be so-so or worse… especially in Taipei area (OK sorry for the ill-informed generalisation, but that is my impression. I’m spoilt down here in Tainan, but maybe that’s just cause I know where the tasty places are).

Know what you mean about not trusting restaurants that are not 100% veggie though. Maybe try and make some more veggie pals, then mealtimes won’t be lonely?