I started a daily vlog about my life as an American in Taiwan


Oooh, I don’t know about that.

I mean, if you’re not from other western countries, how can you compare Taiwan to other western countries? Yes, you can make the assumption that certain things are different, but does OP have the cred to back it up?

OP, have you considered making your own thumbnails? Seems like you did it with your PX Mart one, or it just so happened one of the available thumbnails was “Chicken feet”. I know you haven’t gotten to the point of click bait, but if you want some more feedback in the form of views, might be something to look into.

Shamefully, one of my most viewed videos on my channel, of my cycling adventures, is a thumbnail of my cycling friend who’s a girl. I swear it wasn’t intentional, but it does work.


So far I do make my own thumbnails, if you noticed, there is a white frame around them. I usually pick a moment that looks cool or interesting and edit a bit to make it pop more. The chicken feet was more since people might not be able to tell what it was, but I am not usually a fan of adding text onto the thumbnail. I’ll consider it though, if I can find a good looking way to do it.

Thanks so much for following and the advice! I really appreciate it and totally open to everyones opinion :slight_smile:


It’s an outdoor cafe, unlike anything I’ve seen before.

When they said cafe I was imagining an ordinary indoor place,

but this is so much better.

We park down the road and walk.

The seating is outside under something like a patio,

supported by large tree trunks.

It certainly has an original vibe that I haven’t felt elsewhere.


Taichung used to have tonnes of awesome outdoor teahouses. Taichung has its own unique tea culture and is the best city in taiwan for drinking tea! I lived in Taiwan for many years but I only learned what is good tea when I moved there! It’s culture is honestly very different than Taipei.

You would have been amazed years ago with all the outdoor tea spots. Maybe you can try to find one of the old style teahouses (more like combined teahouses and restaurants) sometime and see if you catch anybody playing cards or having a chat or eating maodou. That’s old school :slight_smile:
There’s still still a few nice outdoor places around as you found.
That food looked yummy.

Very nice AV work, the play of the lights and the rain going into evening time.


Wow, I had no idea about those. Thats really cool! I was pretty blown away by the style of the one I went to, but the ones you are describing sound like another layer deeper. I’ll definitely check them out in future videos! Do you know any by name you would recommend?


Most of them don’t exist anymore so I can’t really give you a recommendation. They exist in our memories :frowning:

Mostly people take away tea now although the tea quality is still very very good (many tea chains only exist in Taichung area and they are also wholesalers) they don’t have much seating.

There are now MANY very fancy looking theme restaurants in Taiichung, you might check some of them out.

There’s also the greenway , citizens park and art museum area in central Taichung that I guess you would enjoy a lot. Check them out!


There are still plenty of scenic outdoor spots with cafes,need a car to get to though.


I’ll just have to go out there and explore sometime! Thanks for sparking my interest.

Wow, the greenway looks incredible. I good really get some great time lapses of the city from there, haha. You are really inspiring me!


Enjoying the last day in the countryside, before going back to Taipei.


Today I escaped the rain by going to a sushi place. It was a mindblowing experience.


that is a cool sushi restaurant!
Curious, how many trays of sushi made it NT$600+?


it was around 13 normal plates and 2 larger ones that were more expensive. Yeah its super cool!


cool and cheap.
Next time try to slip those sort of datapoints/characteristics into the video. Will even attract more interest in viewers to maybe seek out that place or one that is similar, considering the the whole experience/food amount/price. Nice.


You sure have a knack for making a regular daily event, like riding a train or Kura Sushi, and my everyday life mysterious and interesting.


Good editing can make a lot of daily activities seem quite interesting. I need to learn from OP for some of my videos.


Thanks for the input! I really appreciate you taking your time to let me know! :slight_smile:


thank you! Thats what I’m going for. :slight_smile:


Lets go vlogging sometime!


I just watched the one with the breakfast, music, and talking. I was expecting to see something less than impressive but that was a really cool video. I like the way the music images and spoken words combine. I’ll subscribe to the channel


I would be down for that. I’ll PM you and we can set something up. Doesn’t matter the topic, I got (half) a lifetime of knowledge about Taipei, or at least I hope I do compared to some of the members here.

I hope I don’t bring down the value of your channel haha

As you can see from my videos, that I’ve posted before, not as many views as you. However, it’s more about the content! My videos is really geared towards a really small audience.


First of all, your scooter/bike footage is awesome! It would only add to my channel :smile: plus you can help me get some awesome gopro shots.

let me know whenever you’re up for something!