I started a daily vlog about my life as an American in Taiwan


I’m flattered. My unedited, (some) poor quality scooter videos has caught your attention. In my defense, I was playing around with file formats that Power Director allowed, I’ve since realized I’m not pro enough and have switched to the Garmin Virb editing software.

Pay zero attention to the subscriptions and total views. I’ve had my account since the year Youtube was found and randomly uploaded an MV to test the capabilities. Turns out, if you search that MV on Youtube, mine is the first one that comes up.

Any who, don’t want to steal the thunder of your thread! Keep up the good work! Looking forward to the next one.


Today Taiwan essentially legalized gay marriage


What kind of camera do you use for recording?


a Canon Rebel T6!


May 29 2017
I stayed at an awesome Japanese style hotel in Tainan, and learned how to make Oolong tea.


Rest areas in Taiwan are WAY bigger than any I’ve ever seen in America. What do you guys think?


There’s nothing quite like a Thai one :meat_on_bone:


Never been, care to elaborate? :slight_smile:


The classic one on intercity roads is a gas station with standard attachments like a convenience store, a coffee shop, and a food court. On highways there are some bigger ones that are like a long strip of like 100 different food, beverage and convenience stores of various types. Not so fancy, but would like to be there


Sounds really cool. Asian countries kind of crush it.


Most likely because the average individual Asian can’t handle driving for more than 1.5 to 2 hours at a time before needing a break and then desire a place almost like a low-grade night market; unlike North Americans who can drive on highways across the countryside and only stop when the gas tank needs to be filled up (and then get a bite to eat).


This is my new video about the subject of convenience stores. (be sure to subscribe)

As foreigners do we rely too much on convenience stores? Do we avoid talking with locals? Sometimes I really think I go to 7/11 too much, and I just need to put myself out into the local area…

I’m curious to hear everyone’s thoughts on the subject.


I did at first but don’t as much. Just when I want a Coke Zero or candy bar :slight_smile:

Also, for some reason I like those fun language misunderstandings.


Yeah I kind of do as well, it makes things a lot more interesting for sure. How long have you been here?


As a matter of fact, 7-11 and Family have become a part of the Taiwanese local stores and food.
I always have 7-11 microwave rice boxes. Never get tired of those food.


Locals rely on them much more than any foreigners.


I’ve only been here for 4 months.


Especially during lunch time. There is a line out the door.


Interesting that everybody has different perceptions. You’re reporting on the difficulties of eating out and there was recently a foreigner had a viral video talking about how easy it is to go out and eat in Taiwan.

Don’t be shy man there lots of foreigners here and have been coming here for a couple of hundred years so just go for it.

By the way, Taiwan convenience store employers are the best multitaskers in the world.

Maybe you can do a theme of reviewing food in convenience stores. I’m sure that would be a hit. Something like this guy does with fast food https://youtu.be/OSt4uMRs8dc


And poor highlife is left behind… :stuck_out_tongue: