I started a daily vlog about my life as an American in Taiwan


Thanks for the suggestion!

Yeah I’m blown away by how fast they can do things, making lattes, getting packages and going through customers like lightspeed. Taiwanese stores in general have really quick service


as foreigners? not sure what you mean, taiwanese also use 7 11 too much and i never see them having a friendly chat in there. i’m using it less as the only food i can eat from there is a sandwich (i wont eat the microwaved stuff or pao mian) and their sandwiches are 90% shite too.


It has been mentioneoud before, but it’s not just foreigners, but everyone on this island relies on convenient stores. You should start a list of things you can’t do in a convenient store. That would get some hits. :smiley:

If you ask anyone who’s ever lived here about what’s so great about Taiwan, I almost guarantee you convenient stores ends up on their list.

Nonetheless, you do bring up a good point. You don’t need to speak much of the language and can survive on convenient store food for awhile. However, anyone and everyone knows that there’s better food out there!


Have you guys ever tried the vegetarian buffets around Taiwan? I wish there were places like this in the US… they make eating vegetables so exciting haha


This was by far my favorite video to film and edit. I didn’t even know it was possible to go on clam and oyster tours in Taiwan, but I’m glad I did. Be sure to watch and subscribe!


我今天給自己一項新的任務,希望你們都能加入我。讓我們一起讓臺北更美更乾淨,透過每個人的力量撿起街上的垃圾。你能撿起多少垃圾呢?在Instagram或臉書上傳照片並tag #PickUpTW 讓大家看看你的成果!

I am starting a new mission today, and I hope you will join me. Let’s clean up Taiwan together, by picking up trash you find on the street. How much trash can you pick up? Post a picture of your trashbag to Instagram or Facebook with the tag: #PickUpTW