I there a demand for creative designers in Taiwan?


There are jobs for creative types here but they pay what would only be minimum wage back in England and anything you produce beyond mere hackery will baffle the people who pay your meagre salary. Best bet is to go where the the real demand is and get a job as an English teacher as it will pay more and get you legal residency and provide health insurance. You’ll have enough free time left over to set up shop then working as a freelancer over the internet for clients in the UK. With your lower cost of doing business here (taxes, insurance etc.) you should have a real cost advantage.

I’ve never been an English teacher so that bit of advice is hearsay and observation and I have heard it’s become harder to fake the necessary university degree for those who don’t have one but I’m fairly sure that advice still stands.

there is a crying need for creative design, but unfortunately no demand for it.

A couple of people I know in that field live here but the majority of their clients are not in Taiwan. They do need to fly out every 3 months for a new visa but they don’t seem to mind that. You could also look into setting up a representative office here - search the forum for a long and detailed thread on rep offices.