I think I killed the Daily Photo's 3 thread

As the subject says, I think I killed the Daily Photos 3 thread. Well, page 16 at least, the other pages seem to load.

Last night, I posted a reply on p16 which was text and a link only (no images), and ever since it doesn’t seem to be working. The following error displays.

I got a PM last night from one of the other regular contibutors to the thread and it wasn’t working for him either, so I know it’s not just my PC.

Sorry bout that (hangs head in shame).

It’s not you. Well, it IS, really I suppose. Usually threads start becoming unwieldy at around 20-22 pages, but in this case it’s only 16 pages, probably because there are so many big files in it.
No biggie, the mod will eventually trim it. Or you could just repost your last photos in a new thread titled “Daily Photos Part _”