I used to believe

There’s a very funny website out there somewhere

more than 20,000 beliefs on the site - visit

that asks adults to write in with beliefs they used to hold as children about all kinds of things.

quite funny and interesting.

for example:

When I was little, I heard someone say that the pianist “played by ear”.  took
this literally and thought that he played the piano with his ears. t one
point, my belief was confirmed when I saw someone on a cartoon doing this.


I used to believe that there were sharks in waterbeds.


I used to believe that bras were bullet-proof vests for women.


I used to believe that when the judge sentenced a criminal to an impossibly long
sentence (like 100+ years) that they kept his body in prison after he died until
it was there for the whole sentence.

Camille Noire

I used to believe that in Hollywood, the actors weren’t actually kissing, they
were just mouthing the air. This is thanks to my dad telling me that they made
the male actor eat garlic before shooting a scene so that the woman would want
to “kiss” the air and not the man.


When I was about six years old, I asked my father where people go when they die,
and he told me, “Star Trek”.  believed this for at least a year.


SO… what are some of the things YOu used to believe???

Just for fun …on a manic Monday.

When our cat came back from being neutered she had purple antiseptic (or whatever) around the wound, and I used to think cats had purple blood.

When I was in Kindergarden I thought people made babies by peeing into each other. And if the man pushed hardest it was a boy, but if the woman worked harder it was a girl.

There was a rumor in the class that the two class sweethearts went into the bathroom and peed on each other…

Those stories are great, guys! You should post them on that website. Priceless! Especially the purple blood for cats. Wow! And the peeing story is FUNNY!

I used to believe … that my pet dog could understand human speech and i would spend hours and hours chatting with him, age 5 or so. Then my older sister told me the truth! Rats! I was having fun!

This explains a great deal, Formosa.

i know, psycho anal ysis~

but don’t be shy, sandy, what did you used to believe over there in Scot’s Land?

A friend confessed to me once that, as a child, he tried to move things telekinetically…like we all probably did at one time or another.

I was amused, so I egged him on…

“What did you try to move, Robin?”

“Nothing too big to start with, a TV would be too heavy”, he says, “I usually tried to move lighter things like tennis balls and pencils”…


btw, this that website above is webmastered by a British guy in the UK has has run the site for several years, and just the other day…

…he got a huge book contract worth alot of money* for a book to be titled the same as the site.

I think it will be published in UK next year, with global editions later, maybe even here.

*Like for US$500,000 contract deal. Smart guy.

I thought this was supposed to be about beliefs that are not true…

This explains a great deal, Formosa.[/quote]
Did your dog die of boredom, or did somebody notify the SPCA and take your dog away from you?

You mean that it’s not true? :shock:

This explains a great deal, Formosa.[/quote]
Did your dog die of boredom, or did somebody notify the SPCA and take your dog away from you?[/quote]

Maoman, I think in all fairness, you are wasting your time swatting flies in the pantry. You end up showing your true colors, for all to see here, and it’s not a pretty sight. You’re as inflexible as a two by four. Lighten up.

I used to believe milk was good for me.

I used to believe in the inherent goodness in humankind.

I blame PBS for making me think women got pregnant by kissing. They had a documentary that showed a couple kissing and then cut to showing the man ejaculating inside what I thought was a mouth with what I thought was his tongue. :really:

I used to believe in Santa Claus. Then my older brother showed me where my mom hid our presents.

I used to think my mother was omniscient. When I realized she wasn’t, my life became much more interesting.

One of my favorites from that site: “When I was 6 my parents bought me a polo neck jumper in a plastic bag, which carried the warning ‘Danger, may cause suffocation to small children.’ I was amazed by my parents’ lack of care in buying me such a dangerous item of clothing and congratulated myself that my ability to read had saved me. I was always sure to hold my breath whenever I put the jumper on.”

I was about to write the same thing.

Now, I believe in the inherent goodness of a few people.

Thank God for social pressure.