I voted

Its pretty cool to get your ballot by mail and do it at home. Got it last night so I could spend a few hours reading about who the heck the candidates are for all the various posts from important ones like California Senator, House Rep all the way down to the local Sanitation district and local public school positions.

Previously I voted at the poll station so I have no idea whatsoever who these people are who are running for the various postions. There is really only press on who the Presidential candidates are. I won’t tell you who i voted for, mostly because I have forgotten already. But I can say that i did NOT vote for Trump. Who i feel is the most egotistical , self centered person there is, along with Kim Khardasian.

What is really good as well is to be able to read a bit about all the various YES or NO votes on the various Propositions (changes to the law).

So I can better take a personal stand and hope my small vote counts.

I sure as heck don’t trust the Clintons any more then the average Joe does, but I sure as heck do NOT want Trump.



Well, voting for Trump in California would be like not voting at all, a protest vote really, considering the voter demographics. I like the fact that for the Senate, I get a choice between two different left-wing Democrats…yay! I think I may just flip a coin.:slight_smile:


I recently did some research on the two (California) candidates for the open senate seat. This video of their debate from earlier this month might interest you. It might convince you to use a two-headed coin. :slight_smile:


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Hey, thanks for the heads up! Man, what a horror show. One smug and condescending, the other fake and creepy. If I’d just read the transcript, I may have favored Sanchez, but good god is she creepy in person! And then Harris started blathering about how climate change is a threat to national security… Looks like I may still be flipping that coin. I did like the moderator though.:slight_smile:

I am not disposed to say who I voted for, but I did not vote Sanchez. Mainly from reading how she is a loose cannon. Unpredictable.

It seems our leaders are from a group that can’t hold down a real job . Clinton surely is not the best this country can come up with . And Trump? Give me a f*cking break !!

We are being governed by substandard people !

Yeah, Tommy, unfortunately that’s true. The last president I had any degree of respect for was probably Eisenhower or Truman. No, I’m not that old. :slight_smile: And that’s what’s really depressing. There hasn’t been a president I could really get behind in my entire lifetime. Maybe next life?

Well on a light hearted note, it was funny to me that one of the props was whether porn actors should be forced to wear condoms or not. THIS IS AMERICA, where else would this be a referendum?

And yes I did vote to legalize maryjane. I don’t smoke it myself , tried it once and it give me a frickin headache. Don’t need it. But you can’t stop Mary Jane. You can smell it all over Berkeley on a Friday/ Saturday night (actually you can smell skunk weed every night over there).

The jury is out on whether there is medical benefit and there seems to be a genuine benefit for those suffering chronic pain.

So i don’t think banning it is needed at this time. DRiving stoned though? I say NO>

I voted yes to NO Death penalty. But only because most of them are never executed anyways and stay in jail for decades until they die.

Having a death penalty the jurors may be less inclined to vote Guilty. And some crims may get off that should not.

Also executing the wrong guy , being a possibility , its better to wrongly jail someone for years then to wrongly kill someone.

On the flip side (remember I am a libra so there is always a flip side) I did vote that if the death penalty is to be kept , execution should not exceed five years from the sentence and that all needed lawyers and what not should be assigned to explore whether they are truly guilty.

The point being, we don’t want them in jail for life if they are sentenced to death.

There are some people that truly deserve to be executed for the crimes they have committed. But a harsher sentence may in fact be life imprisonment. I am not for “without parole” though. As I feel that is wrong. If the crime is serious one should expect quite a long time in the can.
But “without parole” is unGodly. Even God forgives. It is better to put to death the person then to give him no hope.
No one should be without HOPE while alive.

Even violent criminals should have the HOPE that they can one day be able to achieve freedom.

To jail “without the possibility of freedom one day” is not humane.

Not saying everyone should be let out after a certain time. Some may not be able to be let out without a real chance they will kill again. But the “hope” should be there, if they can be released.

Reviews annually after a certain time

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So did I last week. So tired of Bush.

In a democracy, the blame lies ultimately with the voters.

The system is rigged, you say? That only raises further questions. How did the voters let it get rigged? Things got this way because the people weren’t paying attention.

I didn’t say it was rigged

Trump did but he did say today he will accept the results if he wins

What a bunch of crock this guy is
I want him to crawl back to the rat hole

He can share the same rat hole with Al Gore.

Oh, and…

I voted absentee.

Voted for Hillary Clinton (for many reasons, but chiefly for the sake of the Supreme Court, not to mention that any action besides voting for her is tantamount to a vote for Trump), and for Kamala Harris for Senate (the more liberal of the two, and someone I’ve grown to respect from local politics). Sorry, Loretta Sanchez; though I praise you for finally unseating that gawdawful “B-1” Bob Dornan, you’re still a little too conservative for my tastes.

I also voted to abolish the death penalty, to legalize marijuana, and to increase gun control.

For local elections, of which I know very little, I looked at the recommendations of my local Democratic Club, the League of Women Voters, Equality California and other organizations, and consulted local people I know whose political opinions I respect, then made my decisions after giving them due consideration.

But did you vote that porn stars should wear condoms? :grin:

That is a funny one. I voted no. All it would do is drive the porn industry out of California, plus it wouldn’t do anything to stop the spread of diseases: porn stars are a tiny portion of the population, and they are also real people who also have sex when not in front of the camera.

Most of the sources I checked didn’t give an opinion on that one!

Good to know that Tommy is concerned with the truly vital issues of the day. :slight_smile: I didn’t vote on the local stuff 'cause I don’t live in California and it doesn’t seem fair. But I think they should totally let the pornos go raw. It’s just not porn when everybody’s wearing condoms. And it if gets outlawed, the bareback stuff will just go underground and be even harder to regulate. At least people are getting tested the way things are now.

But they should be role models for today’s youth non ?

One Taiwanese aborigine likened wearing rubbers to washing your feet with socks on

When porn stars start becoming role models, the world just won’t be fun anymore. The analogy I like is trying to read Braille with gloves on. :slight_smile:

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When the Donald Trumps of this world can actually be a top runner for President? That’s about the same as porn stars being role models.

I like that braille analogy.

Voted as well.

On the wear condom for porn thing, while I see Dr. Milker’s point, but are people really watching porn for the un-condomed parts of male porno actors? If most porn consumers are watching it for the girls, why would it make any difference? In Japan, actors and actresses’ privates are pixelated, it doesn’t stop the Japanese from enjoying porn.

For the past 6 years, there have been 5 porno actors infected with just HIV alone. To continue making unprotected pornos only leads to a possibility of spreading the disease.

Anyway, other referendum questions are less entertaining, except I guess the perceptual marijuana legalization one. The repeal death penalty one and the change the death penalty procedures to speed up the appeals process one likely won’t see the light of day either.

Interesting to see the no free plastic bag one, and also great to see the carryout bag earnings for wildlife conservation one. Wonder how those would turnout.

The logic (um, so I hear :grin: ) is that the viewer imagines himself as the man in the porno, and he doesn’t want to imagine himself with a condom on, because there would be less imaginary sensation. And Japanese guys are so horny they could probably get off using the pictures in a UNIQLO catalog.