I voted

You mean like Republican judges and Democrat judges?

Yes but not actual judges. They are called Signature Verification judges, registered democrats and republicans, and are trained to note subtle differences in hand writing.

If your signature does not match they can request to pull from different records like your driver’s license. If they still can’t verify then they will reject the ballot and you will be notified that your ballot has been rejected.

So…If you’re voting Libertarian or Green or another third party…you’re screwed?

They don’t seem very independent.

Hmm well I don’t think they are well trained enough to denote your political affiliation based on the curve of your ‘S’. But someone should look into that.

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America is now incapable of producing a person one can respect to be our Leader


But what about Kamala?

I’m not sold on her being president

Best not vote for Biden then.


I’m going to vote blank for president

Just make sure you vote no on Proposition 16.


I haven’t looked at the props yet
What’s that one ?

The one that makes it legal to discriminate based on race again.

CNN in TW keeps juicing the story about the number of early voters. Are they under the assumption that they’re all voting blue? Seems like it.

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I voted early, and the only thing blue about me are my eyes.

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Received the ballot by email in Sept. Sent in by registered mail. Received confirmation of receipt by email. Very simple process.

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Form fillable PDF, print and sign, then fax. This is the way to go for me from now on.