I want a drug test

I went to a nightclub last night and accepted some drinks from someone I didn’t know, and I have a bad feeling that they were spiked with something, so I want to get tested for my peace of mind. Does Tainan (or anywhere in Taiwan) have clinics for this, or where would I go to do it? Is it covered by the national insurance plan? Will I need to worry about being prosecuted if the test is positive?

I would be VERY wary of doing that. There are very harsh drug laws here, and I believe the hospitals are obliged to tell the foreign affairs police in a similar way as if you have an STD. Just opinion, not legal knowledge.

Don’t worry, just drink lots of water and stay away from people who try to poison you…

I would second what Buttercup said - and add that you probably shouldn’t be taking drinks from people you don’t know anywhere, but it’s especially true in a foreign place where you don’t know social norms, are away from your usual support networks, etc.

Would the drug test really give you peace of mind anyway? You’d know for sure, but if it came out positive it might just give you more to worry about. Might just be better to write it up under lessons learned and move on.

For the future, you might have this situation happen again. Nowadays, drug tests are quite easy to administrate, and can even be done in the privacy of your own home. I made a quick search for “drug test” on yahoo, and after skipping over the products useful for somehow fooling a drug test, found this:


I suppose you should just order a kit, wait for someone to drug your beverage or offer you a brownie, and then pop home to test yourself. Don’t forget to let us know the results!