I want a gamecube goddammit! :)

i’ve looked around taipei a bit and it seems no one sells gamecubes anymore.

anyone got any ideas? i guess ebay is an option but I’m worried it won’t make it through the post with more poor taiwanese/english address.

i want to be a nintendo fanboy


alright … to answer my own question

i found some at the guanhua computer market (bade rd) but they were asking 4500 NTD which seems a little excessive for an older console

You might just want to wait for the Revolution to come out, I’m pretty sure it will be able to play gamecube games (in which case you’ll just have to find the games, like Wind Waker and the Metroid games).

There are places in KMall, Nova, and under Civic Boulevard that charge NT$3000-ish for them, boxed and new.


i actually got around to picking one up a month or so ago (forgot ab out this post). It cost 2700 second hand but “as new”.

also got a copy of animal crossing and harvest moon which are pretty cool so far.

why dont you go and check nintendo taiwan? they have a showcase shop by long xing park.

sounds cool. is it near an mrt? or some major landmark?

chungshan middle school (mrt brown line). it’s close to the duty free shop on the way to the park, irst floor, you cant miss it.

If you get out at Zhongshan Middle School MRT, head north, hang a left at the next major intersection, and go straight ahead a couple of hundred meters it’s on the left side of the road. If you look across from the opposite side of the road the big Nintendo logo’s pretty easy to spot. It’s also Nintendo’s local representative HQ, IIRC.

to be a bit more precise, it’s minchuan road sec.3, probably between number 60 or 66. just 2 minutes from mrt.