I want my mommy and daddyyyy

What can I do?I spend a fortune on mortgage…and even more on going to visit them every year.

Is there any way that they can come here as my dependents? I’m going to get a 3 year ARC next year…and in June of next year I’ve been here for 7 years so I can start workin on my permanent residency.

They are both 61. I don’t want them to work…any links in regard to this?

[quote]Resident visa for British nationals over 60 who wish to join their children in Taiwan
Applicants require certificates proving their relationship with their son/daughter (e.g. birth certificate); a certified copy of their son/daughter’s residence (family household registration or ARC for investment or employment); proof of their son/daughter’s means of support; a passport valid for at least 6 months; one passport photo and a completed application form.

Such visas, in principle, are only available to those of Chinese descent.[/quote]
britishembassy.gov.uk/servle … 8718135788

[quote]Information on Republic of China Resident Visas
Eligible Persons Foreign nationals, who hold ordinary passports or other legal travel documents, who intend to stay in the Republic of China for more than six months for the purpose of joining family, pursuing studies, accepting employment, making investments, doing missionary work, or engaging in other permissible activities.[/quote]
boca.gov.tw/ct.asp?xItem=130 … e=113&mp=1

thank you:)