I want to get these book piles out of the living room by CNY

I used to patronize the TAS Book Fair. But I think it’s no more. Or I can donate to Taipei Public Library system. Or there’s Mollie’s 2nd Hand Books, but Mollie doesn’t like books considered “too specialized”. Or there’s paper recycling, which seems a shame.
What to do?
There are 261 titles under these categories:

911, art, audio, bicycle, bio, business, Chinese culture, comedy, computer, gardening, govt, econ, health, healthcare, history, humor, lifestyle, literature, memoir, misc, music, NDE, novel, philosophy, poetry, politics, positive thinking, prosperity, psychism, reincarnation, religion, screenwriting, sociology, spiritual, survival, tech manual, textbook, travel, video/film
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Book Piles?

Sounds painful


They are a mental pain.

Two words…
Kindle Oasis

turn up your living room’s heating temp to 233 celsius

I dropped off 300+ books at the Taipei Main library a couple of years ago to make space for a pool table. Never regretted it.

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A pool table! Now that’s progress.

I have Kindle Paperwhites. Maybe that’s where I went wrong.

It was. Until I had the mates over for a round of pool and some drinks. Ended with a broken window and a missing number 8 ball.


The mates got rambunctious! Did the 8 ball go through the window?

Your library donation comment is a help. I mainly need to detach from the $1000s I spent on the books and move forward.



Yes, unfortunately. And it was winter, so I was freezing my butt off until I found someone to replace the glass.

I have a colleague who sends old books to some sort of service that posts them online for sale then sends her a commission from each when somebody buys. It’s not a lot of cash but gets them out of her home and saves them from being binned - I was planning to ask her for further details and can post here when I do.

Any particular spot inside? Do they have a drop box?

You just walk to the main counter and say you want to donate the books. A month later the book will show up in the catalogue. My impression is that the entire English collection is just the sum of all books that have been donated by expats over the years.

Okay. I have donated books at 3 different branches of the Taipei Library System since my original post. The last branch gave me a pink sheet with some QR codes on it, and the librarian said that these are places that really need books (like he didn’t really, but would accept the pile I had brought). So today I called the NeiHu branch (tel: 02 2791 9622 x 112) and talked with Mr. Zhang. I told him I still had over 200 English volumes I wanted to donate. “What kinds of books?” he asked. “All kinds,” I said. He told me to either box them up or tie them into bundles then give him a call. He will dispatch a truck to my place to pick them up. I did 5 boxes today; I think I can do the rest tomorrow morning and call him up. By now I have more idea of what they want and don’t want. One branch won’t take anything that I’d written notes in. [I often write notes back at the author; it makes it more of a conversation.] Books explaining computer software are pretty worthless. And some don’t like old textbooks. Too bad. My boxes really do contain all kinds.

I had mentioned that we have no elevator in our building and Mr. Zhang assured me that I would need to carry the book boxes to the first floor myself. I said I was willing to do so. I finished boxing yesterday and gave Mr. Zhang a call. He arranged for pick up today at 1:30 pm. Shortly thereafter I got a call from what I assumed must be the truck driver. He also let me know that I needed to carry the books down to the first floor. I said I would.

This morning I started carrying boxes down and my wife insisted on helping. I’m 73 but she’s only in her 60s so we did okay. Today at exactly 1:30 I got another call. “We’ve arrived,” the driver said, “Did you put the boxes on the first floor?” “Yes yes yes,” I said, “I’ll be right down.”

It was a large box truck with three men (who are afraid of stairs). The four of us made short work of loading 9 boxes of books into the truck. They said thank you, so they get credit for being polite, but it was a thank you rather devoid of feeling. I thanked them too, sincerely.

My book piles are gone.

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