I WANT TO LEARN CHINESE! Any evening classes?

Hello everyone!
I am new to Taipei (teaching, of course). I am a CBC, so I can speak some Mandarin…but I NEED to improve (and maybe learn to read a little)…anybody know of any classes (EVENINGS) that I can take? I do not want to take the 10 hours/wk that everybody advertises…I need to be able to work full-time and take classes 1-2 times a week(prefer classes to private)…

hi, don’t know if you still need Chinese lessons, but there is a nice place to study chinese, phone at 2364-4216
good luck with your chinese

Just about any of the little language schools will allow you to take a 1-on-1 class for fewer than 10 hours per week (of course they charge you more, but they’re happy to let you do it). You can set your own hours in this situation.

I don’t know if your level would be similar or not, but I’ll be working with a lower-intemediate-kind-of-student while I’m in Taipei this month. You’re certainly welcome to drop by (we’ll probably end up in some McDonald’s!) and see if it would work for you.


Hey everybody!
Thanks for replying to my message. I posted it a while back - so since then, I already enrolled in a Chinese School (CLD) but after my three months, I stopped becuase I found the 10 hours/week too much. I didn’t want to pay for the private lessons. I will probably get back into it, but I need a little break!

Thanks for your postings!