I want to live in Taiwan but worried about China

Or “you’ve never lived till you died.”

I actually came close to drowning twenty or so years ago, close enough that it seemed like all I had to do was relax and everything would be just fine. It was very peaceful. Too peaceful, in fact it was just too easy, and it’s what caused me to hang on. (I was pinned underneath a whitewater raft but fought my way out)


last time I was in hospital on life support there were people dropping off left right and centre.
BTW sorry to start off a cynical side post about which is worse death by missile or cancer…And to the opening poster take a few risks you’re meant to be young and wild. Taipei has less stabbings than Londinistan at present, so I’d say it’s pretty safe! Watch out for the infamous Taiwan Hornets if you go hiking though.

Perhaps we are the most qualified on this subject,:face_with_thermometer: my friend

After we die we will still be on the planet but in another form so we don’t ever leave EARTH.

So you practice Vodun?

A very interesting and practical religion IMO.

Some qualifications, indeed

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Yea I think overall you’d nearly need a case by case analysis. (Apart from tour groups)

Have you heard of the infamous Atayal tour group who came over without any visas from the mainland on paddly boats and just decided to stay. WTF!!!

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Which is totally justified considering how hostile China is. Do you expect people to like China and Chinese people when all they do is being a cunt to us?

Because Beijing isn’t a cool destination, not for Taiwanese ppl at least. It’s that simple. If you had gone to Moldova with your gf her pictures would’ve been ignored as well. If you had gone to Tibet her pictures would’ve had a ton of likes.


Korea’s traffic-related death rate is almost the same as Taiwan’s.

That also works in reverse too I’ve noticed. I post pics of Taiwan, a few likes. I post pics of Tokyo or Seoul, tons of likes because it’s a ‘cool’ destination.

Their loss. Come to think of it, I’m glad Taiwan’s not cool. Otherwise we will be overrun with annoying tourists

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By whom?

The people on my fb Instagram back home
I travel quite a bit, met many backpackers and travellers, and nobody ever had Taiwan on their bucket list.

That is more to do with the poor promotion of Taiwan’s travel industry vs the other countries being more cool. Although Japan does have anime to being in weebs and Korea has kpop and Taiwan has none of those draws

Massive cunts at times. It’s quite frustrating. I was in malaysia looking at possibly buying one of those japanese massage chairs. The sales lady, from China, had to insist Taiwan is part of China and that we are countrymen and woman instead of focusing on selling me the massage chair.

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thanks for proving my point.

Of course you wouldn’t get it. You are from a bully, not a bullied.

i get it, i have lived here for years and i side with taiwanese. but imo taiwanese peoples reason for looking down on chinese is less about politics and more about insecurity.

taiwanese like to point out how chinese people are rude and less cultured and uncouth compared to taiwanese. taiwanese people are happy to hear that i would rather live in taiwan than china(even though their favorite question is still when will i go back home). seems kind of childish.

the attitude is not as focused on politics IMO as you are making it out to be. i wish taiwanese would be more focused on being more anti chinese politically. if this country goes under mainland control we know its going to be a result of being sold out by korea fish or some bullshit like that as a result of people not being vigilante enough.

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also earthquakes

Perhaps it’s not so night and day like some Taiwanese people would like to believe. I do encounter behaviors I would criticize Chinese mainlanders for in Taiwan.

However there’s enough of a difference that I suspect you took into consideration on not living in China besides the politics of the CCP. It was a daily struggle living in China even as a “Chinese” person in China. I have zero trust in people there and assume they will fuck me over when the opportunity comes. Like my bike stolen the first week there or the can driver who gave me fake money back as change when I was too drunk to care to check.

Taiwan has natural scenery!

Corruption at all levels of society and government reeks to high heaven!

How are you supposed to live when you have no black or printed or fake money to pay your bribes???