I want to make friends

Hello everybody, I’m a boy from Romania who wants desperately to see China this summer; I’m interested in makeing some friends there and then start visit them. Come on, who is interested to see my country, learn our culture and traditions? Because I’m very interested to learn yours. Reply me if you want to begin an exchange program between us. Thank you.

This isn’t China, it’s Taiwan, but you’re close.

Forumosa = TAIWAN-Oriented online community…

Taiwan is not China :no-no: … please look at the banner above! Thanks

[quote=“MiakaW”]Forumosa = Taiwan-Oriented online community…

Taiwan is not China :no-no: … please look at the banner above! Thanks[/quote]

LOVE your little finger-wagging emoticon, but honestly, Miaka, give the poor Romanian boy a chance!

Ducele: I know it’s not your country, but do you look anything like the guys in my favorite movie - Hungary For Men? If you’re more or less the same genetic stock, there’s plenty of Taiwanese who’d show you their “culture”! :wink:

Taiwan, R.O.C = Republic of China :wink:

Rascal, I KNEW you were going to say that!!! Always one step ahead of me… :notworthy:

Ups, sorry, I thought this is China forum. I found this with google. Anyway, about your question, YES I’m almoust the same with the guys from your favorite movie (maybe better :slight_smile: And if you said so I’ll send photoes hopefully to see/have some “culture” :smiley: (when I’ll be there). You see, it doesn’t matter for me if it’s China, Taiwan, Malayesia, Thailanda…etc, the idea is that I want too see that side of the world. For now I saw Europe and USA. In the summer Asia, and hopefully next year Africa. Ies I know, I’m a dreamer (but dreams can became true). Thank you for replying me.