I want to quit one school for another

So I am getting a little fed up with my current employer and have the opportunity to get a job teaching at a high school. The environment, pay and hours are all much better. Thing is I don’t have my ARC yet I should have it in about three weeks, definitely by the end of this month. The job at the high school doesn’t start until September.

Also my contract stipulates that if I want to leave or quit for any reason all I need do is give 2 weeks notice and if my boss wants to fire me all he need do is give me 2 weeks notice.

The thing I am worried about is will I have to leave the country to get another visitor visa so that I can stay in the country legally. Or will I be able to stay on my work permit which I pick up on the 15th of July, then I apply for my ARC.

Thanks :help: :notworthy:

something new I just read on tealit.com No more ARC transfers, don’t need to. you simply apply through new school and when new work permit is in place sever the old one. your current arc will be restamped. check it out on tealit.com left hand side arc transfers.