I want to rent a 50ccm scooter in Changhua

I am looking for a 50ccm Scooter for renting it around 5,5 months in Changhua. I have found “green island reservations” and asked for a rental. But unfortunalty they dont have a 50ccm anymore. The cost would be around 1200 Taiwan Dollar for a month.
So I checked the website of bikefarm. They have a 50ccm scooter for around 2200 taiwan dollar for a month. In my opinion it is too expensive.
Do you know any other shops, website or do you have other ideas to get a 50ccm scooter?
Maybe buying a scooter is an option. But I have talked to some guys in Taiwan and they said it will not be possible for a foreign guy to buy a (used) scooter. If you have other informations about that just tell me.

Best Regards,
Johannes :slight_smile: