I want to rescue one stray dog in Taipei

Hi everyone,

I live / work in Taipei city.

Since months, I see a stray dog hanging around the same street corner near my office. The poor animal cannot walk normally, and slowly it’s getting worse [it already looks really bad]. Mostly he gets fed from the little eatery there, he sits around mostly.

I am just a passer by, and always see this dog. People who care for animals feelings know what I mean, it hurts me to see this dog suffering so much.

Now, I made up my mind that I will take this animal to a vet. I want the dog to be under the care until he can walk normally again. I’m thinking this will take weeks, and think I can spend 10.000 NT$. I could spend a bit more if necessary.

I have already checked the list of vets. Seems there are some of them that are quite good, I will check them out first (they are Guting Animal Hospital, and Kangfu Animal Hospital, or maybe Manhattan Vet. Hospital)

Can someone reply with useful info, and tell me if my budget is realistic?

If you let Animals Taiwan assist and use our vet, your budget would be more than enough, methinks.

Give me a call if you need help catching or transporting the dog: 0920 620 109.

Thank you for no longer being a passer-by. :slight_smile: :bravo: