I want to saw my neighbor...with his saw


So a few months ago, we moved to lovely, scenic and quiet (we thought) Dakeng. Great right?

But this neighbor on our street is renovating his house…and it seems his WHOLE house.

From around 7am-7pm, EVERY SINGLE FUCKING DAY he is working on his house. No biggie, right? WRONG

Evidently he is in love with wood, beams and beams an pilllars and piles of fucking wood. He has his nifty little electric saw, which he starts running, from 7am-7pm just about EVERY day. The noise lasts ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL day. Intermitently, as he goes for another slab of wood, but not 15 mins goes by without him running his bloody saw.

His house is right across from ours, and my poor wife who prepares for her classes has her office window facing this guy.

Is there anything we can do, legally? I have had an extremely hard time finding anything out in terms of noise ordinances in Taichung, yes, yes I know, “they will not get enforced” but if I make a big enough stink I am sure it will at least help the situation, IF there is something legal that can be done.

I know, its Taiwan, its noisy, talk to the guy…don’t need those replies.

Thanks in advance!

Contact the EPA. They’ll be able to tell you the noise regulations.

We had such a neighbour before. He wasn’t working on his house, but he had converted his garage into a workshop for wood. Like your guy, he had all the tools, and all the wood to work on. However, he’d only spend a couple of hours a day out there in the afternoon, sanding and drilling and planing. I think he was running some kind of business from home. Eventually my wife had words, although we were moving out anyway (not because of that). He quietened down. I like to think he went and rented some light industrial work unit somewhere.

Which is EXACTLY what your man should be doing. Your situation sounds 20 times worse than ours.

Now is not the time to be sitting doing nothing. Yes, there is noise in Taiwan. But what he is doing is unacceptable, and just plain ‘I don’t give a fuck about anybody else’.
He needs to be told that.

At the same time, start documenting his insensitiveness. Take videos of his early morning starts. Note start and stop times, every day.
Get the noise officials out and get a reading. Be prepared to take this further.

7:00 am is too early. There are noise ordinances.

That’s why I work mostly in the afternoons, to avoid quiet times where noise won’t be tolerated. Most stationary tools aren’t that loud and the only thing that really sucks is finishing sander and routers.