I want to start a photography business but I have many questions

Hi all, I want to start a photography business but I have so many questions. If you please answer the following it will be great help for me. How do I get copies of movies for customers to rent? How much money do I need to save up to own one? And how do I sign up for Government grant, do I have to go somewhere to ask for Government grant? What about business loan? Is it easy to get one? And do I have to pay monthly rent or lease for a store?

Don’t understand your question. You want to open a photography business or you want to open a video rental store? I’d say video rental would be very difficult, as you’re competing with both Blockbuster and Asia 1, which between them have things pretty well sewn up.
The very few mom & pop rental operations I still see around seem to make their cash pretty much exclusively from renting porn.
If you’re talking about arthouse films, I’d say forget it – there’s no money in that, especially in this country.
Arthouse rentals – probably online – would maybe be a fun hobby for an enthusiast, but its no way to make a living.
As for photography business, I have no idea – its a completely different thing. Weddings? Then you’d need also to rent out all the gowns and Liberace suits and stuff. Big capital outlay, constant stock turnover = big money, not to mention the fact that the market to me seems saturated already, with wedding shops on practically every major street on the island.