I Want To Teach Business English. Where should I apply?

I am looking for schools to apply for a Business English teaching position. I know about Wall Street. What other schools are out there? Any information you can give me would be helpful. I am looking specifically in the Taipei and surrounding areas.

Lado Management Consultants is the shizz. However, you have to have three years biz English experience, preferably in Taiwan.

Try any branch of David’s English Center. I recommend them a little grudgingly, as I am just getting laid off by David’s in Sanchong/Banqiao. Also other schools catering to adults like GJun, Elite, Global Village etc. probably all do business English classes.

Link: Juba at David’s English (not for much longer!)

did you find anywhere to teach?

Why, are you going in to re-negotiate the terms and conditions for the lowly paid management consultants teaching business English? :smiley: :smiley: