I want to teah kids legally. How to go about it?

Hi, I want to teach kids legally. I undertstand this entails a chines teacher in the room at all times aln all that jozz, but REALLY.

Wht questions do I ask?
I want a legl job. I want to teach kids. There nust be some shools that have found a legal way around it, suh as having a Chinese teacher in th room on time.

What are my opitions, and what questions should I be sure to ask?


Dood, what are you talking about?

There is no stipulation that says a legal teaching job requires a chinese teacher.

I usually don’t like to be a grammar Nazi, but you might want to proofread your post if you’re thinking about persuading others to let you teach.

"Teah,"not “teach.” Come on Jack.


Teaching legally is simple. Have a passport from one of US, UK, Canada, Aust, SA, NZ and have at least a Bachelors degree in anything. Don’t teach at a kindergarten, no matter what the bosses at kindergartens may say. Then you can be legal.

[quote=“jdsmith”]"Teah,"not “teach.” Come on Jack.


Keep your opitions to yourself jdsmith. I dun wanna hear your jozz. You just don’t understand chines. I know what is legl and what is knot.