I want to wii

anyone know a release date for this in taiwan?

Dec 7 is official

Our little girl’s just learning to wii. We’re so proud of her. :smiley:

just got wii but it’s the Japan version…it’s all in japanese… in the japan wii can you change to setting to English? anyone? also can I dl intruction manual somewhere it’s all in Japanese!!

You could try www.nintendo.com , but here’s a direct link to what you’re looking for:
nintendo.com/consumer/manual … p#hardware

When you figure out what your Wii Number is…post it…we’ll try to exchange Mii’s.

Happy Wii’n

This is my Wii Number:

Try adding me to your list, then send me over a couple Mii’s…and I’ll do the same.

One way to get a Wii… drink so much water that you die at a radio station.

That lady in the States…got the shit-end of the stick…and I don’t even think the radio station gave her family a Wii…at least all the employees who thought that contest was a good idea, got fired.

umm? what happened?

kotaku.com/gaming/contest/crimin … 229694.php

Does anyone have their Wii online? I would like to see if we could exchange some Miis.
My Wii Number is:

Has anyone played Wii Play yet? It’s ok…not as fun as Wii Sports. I can’t wait until Cooking Mama comes out…that looks like a fun game.

destructoid.com/new-cooking- … 9474.phtml