I wanta go here

Looking through pics and stuff of Taiwan, I saw this place that looks pretty nice but I have no idea where it is or how to get there. Take a look at the picture and let me know, thanks!


Are you sure that’s in Taiwan? I can’t for the life of me imagine where that would be in Taiwan. Maybe I just don’t get out enough.

I bet it’s the Giant Ferris Wheel over in DaZhi. There are plenty of buses to get over there. It’s a long bus ride from TaiPower MRT btw. About an hour, but it’s nice. The wheel is part of the mall over there.

Hmm after looking at it again, not so sure. I don’t recall the Ferris wheel being so close to the water. DaZhi is the onl place I know in Taipei that has anything closely resembling the pic.

It isn’t. :sunglasses:

Yeah I had a feeling I was wrong. The wheel is connected to a huge mall over there and I didn’t recall it being that close to the water. Where is it Maoman?

This would appear to be Yokohama, Japan.

There is a clue in the picture: if you look very closely, you can see cars driving on the left.

Definitely Yokohama. (the last pic on the 8th row).
No, I’ve never been there, but images.google.com/ does wonders :slight_smile: .

I saw a “Tour Taiwan Pamphlet” one time with a picture of Diamond head in it. Close enough I suppose. :idunno:

It’s in Tokyo (and adjacent to Yokohama).

The area is a landfill district called Odaiba, and the whole place is a showcase of Japanese commercialism.

Incidentally, the white bridge in the upper-right is the oddly named Rainbow Bridge, it’s the gateway between Odaiba and Tokyo proper, appearring frequently in Japanese shows and films.

Here is the funny part, I only linked the picture. If I link which site it came from, it might confuse you even more. Click the link below and look what it says above the picture.

Click Here

Some people are dumb.

Yes, that picture looks like Odaiba in Tokyo. Frost, it is a great place. They have all kinds of fun stuff to do there. You should definitely check it out sometime. Here’s a pic I took last time I was there.

On the hour it displays a range of coloured lights for 10 minutes, at least it did when I lived in Yokohama.

‘Taipei 101 Building NightView’ :laughing:

Yep, it’s Odaiba, in Tokyo Bay. I was just there last November :sunglasses: There are some very cool parks, skytrain, a maritime museum, some plush technology showcases by Toyota, Panasonic, Mitsubishi… the Tokyo Big Sight exhibition center, some very cool malls… Worth a visit.

Yes, but shopaholics beware.
Odaiba is also famed for the Venus Fort, a shopping mall that pioneered the use of virtual outdoor environment. The same used in Caesar Palace, Las Vegas, this virtual environment is designed specifically to make you lose track of time and shop and shop and shop and SHop and Shop and SHOP and SHOP AND SHOP AND SHOP AND SHOP!

^^^ Thanks, I’d forgotten the name. Venus Fort. Quite amazing, though I found it more reminiscent of The Bellagio than the Ceasar’s Palace.

Can anyone tell me an easy way to get to Dazhi? Looks kinda fun place to go, but I have no idea how to get there. Either by bus, mrt, or scooter.

MRT Yuanshan exit 1, cross the road diagonally, take red-2/247/287/21 and probably others. Check they’re going to “Meilihua” when you get on. It takes about 15 mins.

Don’t be disappointed: apart from the (excruciatingly slow) ferris wheel it is absolutely NOTHING like that picture!

Thanks for the directions!