I was raped

hi, i was raped but i didn’t go to the police or doctor right away…and he is still harrassing me now:( i can’t take it…what can i do? i want to go to the police with this but i’m afraid it is too late:( what can i do please help .

smurffette, contact your consulate and the Forgien affairs police. ASAP. Sorry that this has happened to you. Please stay in contact with us so that you can get the support you need.

Edit- 02-2321-3175 is the FApolice number

You can also contact the Tianmu Community service Center for assistance- 02-2836-8134

02-2838-4947 these are their 24 hour hotlines.

If you are American- the AIT # is 02/2162-2000.

If you haven’t taken a shower, then don’t. Get to a hospital so that the evidence can preserved.

Hope you are OK, honey. What she said.

If he is harrassing you, start taking pictures and recording incidents. Get him on tape.

What a terrible thing to have happen! My sincere condolences. If there’s anything we can do… :frowning:

thank you for your help…but i’m scared to go to to someone especially the taiwanese police becaus i’ve tried to report his harrassment before the rape but they were very unsympathetic to me and even though my friends witnessed the harrasment they still said i needed it to be recorded or have another third party…and they really interrogated me on the subject and just acted very unsympathetic to me…and i feel scared about this because i did not go to the doctor right away so i’m worried there is no evidence…so what can i do? i feel going to the police won’t even help…and if i go to my consulate what can they do for me…i 'm also scared because i heard they will really embarrass you…i just want to stay anonymous… please someone help me,…

Time is critically important to gathering evidence. If it’s now too late, you should still go to the police and report this. If there’s a close friend you trust, take her/him. If not, or if you prefer not to share this with your friends (and it’s already too late) go to your consulate first thing in the morning. They are there to help.

Regardless of whether or not you report this to the police (and you should), you should see a doctor asap.

but if i dont have a case…i feel there is no point in reporting it…if i report it and it’s too late what will they do ?

Evidence of the attack might stil be present on underwear - put them in a plastic bag. And write the date & time you did so on the outside of the bag. With a marker type pen (Sharpie) and not a ball point unless you happen to have an adhesive label available to write on and stick on the bag.
Report this now, immediately, get an record of this started as soon as you can. What you’ve posted here can count towards that.

Prayers with you Smurfettex…I hope you can get this rolling.
And remember - This is not your fault. You are the one who was attacked. You did nothing wrong.

it happened a week ago…and i just want to forget about it but i’ve realizeed i’ve made a mistake because he keeps harrassing me now and making threats…i just want it to stop…he calls me and emails me…i have all the email records…but concerning the rape…i doubt i have any evidence now:( since it was a week ago…is tehre anything i can still do…gosh i am so stupid and chiicken i hate myself.

A week is probably too late to get evidence from your body, unless there’s bruising. Evidence of which might be gathered by a professional even if it’s not apparent to you. There may very well be evidence on your clothing, bedding…

You don’t know… this creep may have a record, here or elsewhere. You may not need to “have the goods” in order to make a difference. For your own good – and that of the next woman – take action. Get support up can depend upon, and protect yourself, and report this.

There’s no reason to hate yourself; you’ve been victimized. Don’t let it happen again.

Dear smurfettex,

Please don’t blame yourself. It’s not your fault.

I think you must take measure to prevent him from doing more harm to you. He is still harassing you. Taipei city government set up a special hotline to help female victims. You only have to dial ‘113,’ there will be social workers helping you. English translation is available.

I (if you want) will take you to te FAP in the morning. I will sit with you and protect you from the cops harassments. I am sure any number of us will be willing to help you in such a way.

There are many lawyers present on F.com. They will be along soon to help you too.

Get angry. This is unacceptable and you can’ stand for it. Put this guy down like the rabid dog he is.

And courage. You came here for help and help is what you’ll get. Have the courage to accept it. You are in shock right now, most likely. PM me if you want my phone number to talk. Or to take you to the FAP.

Miltownkid, Tigerman, Hartzell, Josefus, Mother T…can u help here?

this creep is my EX boyfriend whom i broke up with .two months ago …and he’s been harrassing me ever since…does anyone know what wil happen when i report this? i am just really really scared…when i went to the taiwanese police they were so unsupportive and they talked to him in a separate room and i’m not sure what he said…but can anyone tell me what will happen…i am so stupid for not reporting this right away i just dont want to be publically pointed out i want to remain anonymous…

Do you feel physically unsafe now? Is there anywhere you can go, preferably with somebody you can talk to?

Print off the emails and tape any calls. Photograph the little shit. Remember to keep the date thingy on. Go places with CCTV cameras. Of course, all of this is longer term.

PM me, if you need someone to talk to, or to bat for you.

I can’t speak authoritatively as to what will happen. Too often, in too many places, rape’s not treated as it out to be. Particularly when it might be construed as ‘date rape’, as it might here because this is your ex… despite your earlier complaint.

However, having made an earlier complaint should encourage the police to take this more seriously.

Your desire for anonymity is understandable, but you are going to need support. Particularly as this guy knows who you are, where you live, and has been harassing you.

gosh thank you so much for all your help …:frowning: i dont wnat to go to the taiwanese police at all…if i report it what will most likely happen…i’m sorry i know i must come across as a wimp…but he has threatened my family and myself and i feel so powerless.

Well, do what gives you your power back. You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do, and that includes going to the police. Let it go, if it makes you feel better. There’s no shame in not reporting it, either. You feeling safe and happy in the present is the most important thing. Plan to get as much proof as possible that this guy is threatening you. Then use it however you can to keep him away.

Is there anyone who knows both of you that can speak to him for you?

I think you need professional advice. Will you call the counseling centre on Monday morning?

You’ve no way of knowing what will happen if you act.

Worse case, you know: not much, at the cost of some embarrassment to yourself. Best case: you’ll be treated properly, they’ll act, and he’ll find his ass in prison.

You should know what will happen if you don’t act: more harassment, threats, feeling powerless.

It’s common for women who have been raped to feel ashamed and powerless, alone; to be confused; to want it to just go away. Get yourself some support: you need it.

You say he’s threatened your family: are they here? If so, start with them.

It’s very difficult to suggest what you should do without knowing more. Go to the people you know best and trust most, and tell them what’s happened… however difficult. It will help.

I think you need professional advice. Will you call the counseling centre on Monday morning?

thanks again everyoen for your help…okay i will call the centre tommorrow…i just feel really ashamed and i dont wantto tell my family or they will think i am very shameful and that i deserved it…because they hated him from the beginning…thank you everyone for your help…i just feel so distraught.:frowning: