I will never

Accept reunification with those commie scums.

I’m not sure if they’re even communist anymore. Who knows what they really are? But yeah, communism: not a realistic idea.

They’re only “communist” when it suits them. China is hollow now. They have no real ideals, except political expediency, diplomatic bullying, and economic warfare.

It would be a hard place to live that’s for sure. The other day I was watching a YouTube video by a foreign guy who lived there for about ten years. Sounded like it was awesome in the beginning, but xenophobia and communist-supervised economics ruined the party.


Can communism be packed and sold like a product?

I will never ever eat raw brains.

I’ve watch a few Fear Factor and they had these competitors eat raw brains, I’m like… are you serious? Don’t you catch prions by doing that?

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Sooo, delicious. Brain sauce!

Worse and worse all the time…

BBC News - China due to introduce face scans for mobile users

Concern over data collection? Uh, yeah, that’s a concern. :slight_smile:

I will never write the word never. Never! oh damn!


I will never get over the world managing to sneak in a global pandemic between the previous two posts being made.

BOOM. Satire. BOOM.

Since my last post, they’ve added biological warfare to their repertoire!

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