I would like to adopt/foster a cat

My boyfriend and I are living in Taipei and we would like to adopt or foster a cat! If anybody is moving or going away and can’t keep their cat, I would like to adopt it!

Let me know if anyone out there is seeking a new home for their kitty :slight_smile:

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The association has an urgent case, a mature cat whose owner is sick so bad cannot take good care of him. Let me know your location and if you are interested.

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I have two lovely cats who are about 3 years old. We rescued them from the Government shelter and they’re litterbox trained but sadly I have to move back home and I can’t take them with me. We would really want them to go to loving home and definitely not back into a shelter. Are you still looking to adopt? One loves to be stroked but the other one cannot be touched at all. We move in September so I am asking now because I want to make sure that we are properly prepared to find them a good home.