I would sell my soul for a Jason's Deli

That is all…

Mephistopheles, carry this* to yonder maiden and retrieve for me her soul.

  • Ok, so it’s a virtual Jason’s, but at least you can browse. That means I now have virtual ownership of your soul, and am free to browse too. Right?

You get me a turkey ruben on rye with all the fixin’s cept the cheese and you can have my real soul.

Why is a ruben sandwich called a ruben? Is that NZ slang?

Not from NZ so I wouldn’t know. In the US they are called Rubens.

why RUBENS? did a guy named Ruben invent them? just curious


Yea, Reuben’s are delicious. Good luck finding decent rye bread in Taiwan though (or pumpernickle). Which is why whenever I fly home, arriving at my parents’ house about 9 pm, the first meal they usually give me is a German-style spread of good breads, meats, cheese, mustard, etc. Mmmm. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, no problem FOB – here you go:

online.jasonsdeli.com/jasons/we … tabid=1885

Dan Ryan’s has a not-bad Reuben. With rye bread!

Funny story. Seems two families are competing for the name prize. Seems like there are alot of urban legends are foodstuffs: how did hamburger gets its name, how did hot dogs get their name, how did rubens get their name, how did subway sandwiches get their name, or sorry, hero sandwiches. and even the old Earl of Sandwich urban legend about how the word sandwich got coined. Now I’m hungry for a real ruben!

re: rye bread --florida bakery used to have it. haven’t been in in a while. it was ok.

check wendel’s backerei in tienmou for the rye and pumperknickel breads…good stuff