Ibook and Chinese character keyboards

I am buying an ibook in Australia and will need to get a Chinese character keyboard once back in Taiwan. Anyone have advice on how and where to source such a thing? Also - how much?


I have a PowerBook G4. I comes with built-in Bluetooth. I assume your iBook purchase will come with built-in Bluetooth too.

I just bought the Apple Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard in Singapore. I assume that if you bought it in Taiwan, it would have the Chinese symbols you want on it.

I think I paid somewhere around US$75.00 for it.

Thx pinesay.

The ibooks come bluetooth ready not included.

But the idea of just buying an external keyboard with characters is a great idea! Cheers.

Any external USB keyboard should work fine, though a Mac-specific one would be better so all the special keys are marked as expected. If you want chinese on the internal keyboard, buy the laptop in Taiwan. It’s not THAT much more expensive. By the way, which input method do you intend to use? If you want to use Pinyin, then you don’t need a special keyboard.

Also, several of the shops down at Guanghua sell sets of stickers for non-Chinese keyboards. They’re remarkedly resilient once attached and, of course, cheap.

However, I would suggest that you just learn Pinyin and skip the agony of learning any of the local input “systems.”

I just got my ibook fixed from Apple user store and asked the question for you. They said the external USB keyboard is NT 1750 dollars. They also recommend the sticker which is much more cheaper than external keyboard, it costs only like NT 50.