Looking for ordinary ibuprofen. I’ve been told in common drugstores (like Watsons) that they don’t have it, but I remain hopeful. They also told me they don’t have acetaminophen (Tylenol), and they were wrong about that. All became clear to me after I looked up “mayo” in the Chinese dictionary and saw that it means “don’t know or don’t want to go look”. :liar:

So, anyone seen ibuprofen anywhere?


You need a real pharmacy or a chemist; Watson’s and such are more for cosmetics and beauty products. There are often chemists within close proximity to clinics. Just look for a shop with health products like bandages, tensors, or canes in the window and you should be in luck.

I’ve bought ibuprofen in Watson’s. It’s just that the clerks don’t know what it’s called. Look for it with the headache and menstrual pain remedies. You’ll have to actually look at the small print to see what they contain – the label doesn’t say “ibuprofen.”

I’ve bought it in ordinary small pharmacies. Just write it down and they;ll get it for you.


Acetaminophen is sold under the brand Tylenol in US but here is sold using Panadol brand which has biggest market share. IT is also available under Bufferin brand.

I have seen ibuprofen in Watson’s or small local drug stores. Look at the label or as Brian said write it down for local stores.

You need a little backstreet chemist - they usually have everything, including a licensed pharmacist on the premises. I asked a spotty 16-year old in Watsons the other day for xylometazoline hydrochloride. I think he was considering calling the police, before the customary “mayo” limped from the larger of the holes in the front of his face.

Waste of time.

Panadol (Chinese: “pu3 na2 teng2”) is the same thing as Tylenol (in other words, paracetamol and acetaminophen are the same substance).

chris - that is what I said only in a different way. :laughing:

the ibuprofen I get for my knees is a round pink pill…yes, for me too it was available at a local pharamacy…not Watson’s

works wonders if you’re trying to preempt a hangover too BTW

The Watson’s right next to the Sushi Express on the corner of Nanking East Rd and Yi-tong St sells Ibuprofen. There’s also a chemist in Yi-tong St, on the right hand side of the road if you walk north from Nanking East Rd for about 100 meters, that sells it.
I found the ones from the chemist to work better, somehow. The packaging is also different. Very good for preventing a threatening migraine!

Took a look around yesterday, thinking about this thread. If you’re having trouble finding a chemist, their shop signs usually seem to carry the logo for the National Health Insurance plan. Ours also had a huge “Rx” on the sign, as well. Hope that makes it a little easier for you to find what you’re looking for.

Thanks. I’ve been able to pick out the pharmacies pretty easily, but have tended toward Watson’s/CosMed because they seem more familiar I guess.

Stopped into some little pharmacy today, out of the way place, and asked for ibuprofen. Just wrote that word down, in English, on a piece of paper and showed it to the lady. She recognized it immediately and retreived it. They had two types available. Different labeling, brand names, etc. but the major difference was the strength: 400mg or 600mg. Both have 10 pills per box. I purchased the 400mg version and it cost NT $120. The medicine apparently was manufactured in England, the box is labeled “ibuprofen SCT” in big letters, and the “active ingredient” is otherwise plainly obvious on the side of the box. By the way, mine says “More fast & More effect” so I’m sure it’s good! :laughing:

Thanks to all.