Ice Hockey in Taipei

It’s here!


yeah, i work in that same building in Shizhi. Its amazing it seemed like they built the rink overnight. I never realized there was even an icehockey sport in Taiwan…whodathunkit.

Is it open for free skating or just hockey?

Jason’s Supermarket (the frozen food section!), Page One bookstore, and now an ice rink?

Finally, someone’s been listening to my Taiwan wishlist!

I took this off their website…

[color=darkblue]Taipei Ice Sports Arena
Xintai Wu Road, Section 1, #84, Xizhi CIty, Taipei County
Tel: (02) 2696-0096

It is right between the Xizhi Carrefour and ACER building.

#1 Highway - take the next exit after Neihu going South on the #3 Highway, then the next off ramp for Xizhi. Turn left at the lights, go up a
slight incline - couple of hundred yards and the rink is on your right. It is well lit with a neon sign at night.
#3 Highway, Xizhi exit, as you come off the off ramp look up to see the large Acer sign at the top of a large glass building. The rink is attached to this building.

About $250-450 depending on where you are starting from in Taipei…

Until midnight to Kunyang Station (East on the blue line) then bus # BL
15 (the bus apparently only operates until 10 pm) to the front door - Look
for the Acer Building on your right as the bus goes up the hill. You can taxi
from the MRT Station - $150

NT$17 from Taipei station to Xizhi up to 35mins depending on train speed and number of stops. I don’t know which bus from there but taxi costs $70 or walk 20mins.[/color]

Hey, could I stop by Lotus Hill and expect a cup of cocoa from one of the many forumosans living there after going ice skating?


Wed. Nights 8 - 10pm Old Timers
Starts from this Wednesday will run each week, cost $5,900 for 10
session to be taken within 12 weeks - 15% discount right now. Its the
older guys who have players after the adult session the last 2 weeks.
Other 2 time slots remain the same.
Sat 11:30 to 1am cost as above
Sun 8:30 to 10pm cost only $230 till end Feb.

No longer Wed night
It has moved to THursday night 8:00 to 10:00
Other times remain the same